We know that for you pregnancy is a minefield of hormones, emotions and hospital appointments.

Parenthood is busy, we spend the day making sure that our children are fed and watered, clothed and stimulated, we make sure that (if they are old enough) they attend school.

Here at Tiny Toes and Me – Sibling Squad we want to make it easy – support families in getting children involved, making them feel that they are involved and creating a sense of purpose which in turn creates a smoother transition and works to support a positive family mental well being.

Within our shop section you will find a range of products to celebrate your child’s new role as a sibling in a variety of styles.

Each artist was selected as they are local to me in the North East of England, the picture to your left for example was created by the Nursery Teacher who taught my son.

You will also find available a ‘subscription’ box which is available for any stage of pregnancy and no commitment is required, if you would like to purchase a ‘one off’ or monthly boxes I am more than happy to oblige – please take a look.

keep your eyes peeled for blog posts too with reviews and information to support you to create an exciting and fun experience for your child.