What qualifies me to do what i do?

Anybody who knows me knows that I ‘can be’ a chatterbox, but one thing I despise doing is talking about myself. I am who I am, I do all the training I can and lead a busy busy out of work life.

Today however (7/7/20) I was asked what qualified me to write a book? A fair question which I didn’t mind answering but it got me thinking. Why would anyone put their faith in a person they knew nothing about.

So I am taking a huge leap and beginning a mini biography of what led me to do what I do:

Experience that brings me to sibling antenatal:

Way back before my career began I was active in 2 large organisations, Girl Guiding as a Brownie Guider and The British Red Cross in many guises but also as a Youth Leader. Sadly both of these stopped around the time I went to University. It was no longer possible for be to be a guider but Red Cross closed their youth services too.

I never really stopped working with youngsters though from my own children to varying degrees of school involvement, work and then into scouting. I am currently a Beaver and Cub Scout Leader.

As a registered Midwife I have had over 16 years of caring for families at varying stages of the pregnancy/new family journey, most significantly as a community Midwife working in a variety of areas of Gateshead in the North East of England. Good quality antenatal education is important to me, but not only for the parents but the whole family. On leaving the NHS I created a bespoke antenatal class for children which involved preparing them for the arrival of their new baby but also giving an age appropriate insight in to pregnancy. The classes I run have since been redeveloped however continue to involve subtle age appropriate learning in a fun and interactive way.

I have a number of qualifications and certifications which have given me the ability to put my passion into practice:

I am a registered member of FEDANT – Federation of Antenatal Educators

I have certification in Mindfulness in Children

I remain a registered Midwife

I have a diploma in EFT in Children

I am an Infant and Peer Massage Instructor

I am qualified in Wanderlust Child Nature Study in the Early Years

I am a Beaver/Cub Scout Leader

I have significant safeguarding experience

Equally as important, I am a mammy to 3 children

What qualifies me to teach CPD?

As you are already aware I have been a registered Midwife for many years. With Midwifery brings a whole range of CPD experiences, some have stuck with me through my entire career, some were forgettable and others changed my practice completely.

I have a wide range of health care experience, with 29 years volunteering and work with The British Red Cross I have not only worked as a youth Leader but also as a First Aider, Ambulance Crew (supporting events and the NHS), Communications Officer and Event Officer. Each of these roles on top of my NHS experiences have created a wide reaching experience of people in a variety of professional background and with varying degrees of responsibility laid upon me.

I am qualified in Adult Education as a Trainer, with my professional experiences I was asked to create and teach a ‘Childbirth and Obstetric Emergencies Course for pre-hospital care’ nationally for an international organisation which was both an honour and a great learning opportunity. This experience was unlike any other I had had, teaching people competent in their own field a subject which was entirely alien to them meant that I had to be adaptable to their needs.

If you have watched my intro to the sibling antenatal class course you will see that I am keen on a varied learning approach – the course I wrote above was good testament to this, face to face there was much classroom theory however regularly inter spaced with group work, quizzes, good quality practical work and observations – i became very good at making a world renowned ‘blood’ recipe (not my own I hasten to add) which gave for realistic estimations.

This is where it all began!!

In 2019 I hosted a study day which was aimed to bring Midwives, Health Visitors and Students together for a day of guest speakers selected to offer something different to health professionals, the venue was perfect and the speakers were amazing, indeed I discuss these in my last blog in detail.

I am registered with not only ‘The CPD Accreditation Group’ but also the ‘Association of Healthcare trainers ‘ and FEDANT.

Perhaps this blog in itself should have preceded the last, if you have not read it please feel free to do so – it goes into detail about why I chose to develop the courses that I had. In the mean time however I hope this post goes someway to reassuring not only professionals but families too that I have got the background and experience to offer quality to you all regardless of the service that I offer.

Any questions? Please ask, my aim in both business and life is to be friendly , approachable and adaptable.

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