We’re having a Super Baby – Book Review

Written by Abbie Longstaff and Jane Massey

This book takes a lower level approach to having a baby than our previous review.

Pictures are bright and fun and are a perfect ‘hook’ for children to stay interested in the story.

Aimed at younger children this book does a great job of explaining to them that when their baby brother or sister finally arrives that they won’t be able to play with them as babies are simply busy eating and sleeping, The little boy in the story has to wait and wait and wait until he can finally interact with her properly by which time he see’s the ‘super powers’ in baby’s development.

It can be difficult to explain to a little one that even though they are getting a new brother or sister which is an ‘exciting’ time that they will not be able to do anything with them for several months (to a child of perhaps 3 years old that will feel like a lifetime). This book is a gentle explanation of just that which can be revisited after baby is born as a reminder.

When baby finally does become a little more interactive and mobile this book highlights the excitement of normal milestones and behaviour. Rolling and tummy time become exercises and Kung Fu while crawling is speedy.

There is of course mention of a baby’s super powers of mess (Why do babies insist on emptying every drawer they can reach?) this is something which a youngster of 3 or 4 is highly likely to be able to relate to.

No children’s book would be complete without some mention of poo and of course this is baby’s greatest super power!!

This review is only small, however the book itself has a simple message for a very young audience.        In summary this book is beautifully written and illustrated putting across a simple but important message across to the youngest members of our families.

For a child of 3 to be able to comprehend having to wait 1/6th of their lifetime before their baby can properly start to interact with them is a tough ask which ‘We’re having a Super Baby’ lays the foundations for very well.

I would not suggest this book as a recommendation for children older than preschool age but for children under the age of 4 it is short enough and bright enough to hold their attention.

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