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I was laid in bed last night thinking how a store is such a far reach from the ‘main aim’ of my business. If I am thinking this at 3am then surely at least one of you has had a wonder in this direction.

Let me explain…………..

The aim of Tiny Toes and Me is to support siblings in the transition to becoming a big brother or sister. Over the years I have done extensive training into children’s mental well being and research into the experiences they go through in the transition to siblinghood.

In the same way that Tiny Toes Bumps and Babies supports the whole family through pregnancy, baby’s first year and beyond with a primary goal in reducing social isolation and supporting positive mental wellbeing, Tiny Toes and Me does this with a sibling focus.

I believe that as we experience excitement and fears, happiness and panic during pregnancy so do our children and therefore it is understandable that leaving children on the side lines of pregnancy until baby arrives can be a challenge for some.

Tiny Toes and Me runs a sibling antenatal group full of fun learning about what is happening as baby grows and what will happen when they arrive, mixed with lots of age appropriate activities (I could write a whole blog post on these sessions – I am so passionate about them, but, I will leave it there for now 😊 ).

As you know, at time of writing we are in the midst of a global pandemic (its all any of us seem to talk about isn’t it). I live in County Durham where we are currently in local restrictions – this makes moving forward with my face to face sibling work difficult. In an ideal world I would turn everything on its head, I would forge forward with my face to face groups, establish my new format and then set up the store as a supportive feature.

We don’t live in an ideal world, but, as it happens the restrictions in place have given me the time and space to stop, regroup and re-order my long term plan.

Restrictions have meant while I can continue to develop my sibling programme ready for re-launch I can also set up my store alongside.

I do not believe that a gift is a salve for children’s worries or insecurities, BUT, what I do believe is that they are a great opener – a hook if you will to involve the child in the process. It is nice to share with your children the role of a brother or sister and their importance, to reassure that regardless of how old they are they remain an integral part of the family unit.

Gifts are a nice way of reassuring a child and I am so excited to be selecting gifts to suit siblings of all ages and interests while also supporting other small businesses (mainly from the North East of England).

I have set up my store to include a wide range of gifts for siblings of all ages.

My last blog post introduced to you Hannah at Pine and Prints Keepsakes – a lovely lady who I first met in my classes with her baby boy. Hannah is amazing, she runs a house, wrangles a toddler, works a 9-5 job AND does Pine and Prints.

Hannah is working with me to supply a range of personalised items for siblings from baby vests to bags, teddy bears to T Shirts!!

I will also be adding to the store a range a mugs. These can be fully personalised and all designs can be created for brother or sister. These mugs I am lucky to be able to make in house, they are created by me for you.

I am also very happy to be a supplier of By Molly&Izzie a Cumbria based company. I will be selling a range of wish bracelets specifically designed for siblings.

I have TODAY taken delivery of some amazing bath play dough from Coco Kids – a County Durham based company ran by Kate, a mammy who I have worked with in baby massage over the last year. There will be a blog post in the near future about the amazing business Kate runs and how Tiny Toes Bumps and Babies is involved with it.  – The bath dough will be part of a sibling r&r and activity pack soon to be launched in our shop.

For the time being though please keep popping back to the store and see what is on offer, by the 30th September ALL products will be listed and available to buy.






How cute is this Brother-saurus Vest – can be made with personalised text too
Bath Doh by Coco Kids smells AMAZING
Personalised tractor mugs
I love this Brother wish bracelet by Molly & Izzie
Big Sister Custom design bag – any design achievable
Bath Doh from Coco Kids smells AMAZING
Sisters like Dinosaurs too – wording says ‘SISTER’
Big Sister Bracelet

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