Sibling to Be store – now open

I am so excited to be able to share with you the exciting news of our store now being open.

There remains a long way to go to get this store to where I picture it and I hope that you will bare with me ironing out any teething problems that there may be. This is new terrain for me, I am a Midwife BUT I am passionate about developing something special.

Why is this store so important?

As you know from visiting this page, i believe that it is important for children to feel included in the process of pregnancy and the arrival of the new baby to ensure that the transition to siblinghood is as smooth as possible for them (and the wider family).

I believe that to a positive experience for siblings and their families comes from their experiences through pregnancy and the early days and material items only play a small part in this, however, they are a great opener.

Who are the gifts for?

Siblings of all ages – I have worked with families where siblings are still babies, I have also worked with families where siblings are in their 20’s – Transition to siblinghood is a transition regardless of how old you are and everyone will manage this experience differently.

With this in mind there will be a range of products to suit all ages and most items can be fully customisable.

Where do these gifts come from?

I am happy to share with you that our TShirts, Vests, Bags and Teddies are designed by both myself and Hannah.

I met Hannah when she came to one on my baby massage classes in Stanley with her beautiful little boy – Elliot.

In 2019 Elliot wore a T-Shirt Hannah had made for him to come to out Tiny Toes Christmas Party, it was so special, and the fact she had taken the time to do this really touched me.

This is Elliot with his friend from baby Massage

From then Hannah has created more and more items and has set up her own small business:

I have met with Hannah a number of times now and she has made me some sample items meaning that as you read this they are already available on my store page (check out the menu bar).

All items are available in a full range of sizes and in any of the styles you will see in store. If you fancy something new then that is fine too, feel free to send me a message and I will create a bespoke design just for you.

What cant we offer?

I cant offer a next day delivery service. All items are designed and made to order, I have time set aside every week day for design, however, Hannah juggles her work at Pine and Prints with her ‘day job’ and being mammy to her amazing little one year old boy.

What can we offer?

We can offer a service with love, we genuinely care about your story and what your products mean to you and those they were meant for.

A sneak peek………

This is just the start, let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future.

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