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It is with great pleasure that we are able to share with you specialist courses suitable for those caring for families throughout pregnancy and the early months, more information can be found about this in the shop section of our website where you will find a video introduction.

You will also find our blog useful with a range of reviews and resources supporting you to support families in a fun and interactive way.


Bump to Baby & the Furry Family

Supporting in preparing the whole family for the arrival of a new baby is important. It is equally as important to give some thought in to the role of the animal members of a family and ensuring safe well being and a smooth transition following birth.
Having developed an antenatal course in 2018 to support families with exactly this Tiny Toes Bumps and babies C.I.C. and the positive feedback that this received we have adapted this course for professional CPD and information.
Who is this suitable for?
Pet Store Workers, Dog Walkers, Veterinary Staff, Midwives, Health Visitors, Support Workers
This is a 35 minute presentation following which a certificate of Participation can be downloaded.
Tiny Toes Bumps and Babies is a registered provider with the CPD Accreditation Group.


Sibling Antenatal – Preparing Children for the Birth of a Baby

Sibling Antenatal – Preparing Children for the Birth of a Baby: A course specifically designed to allow professionals working in the antenatal period to support the transition to sibling-hood in the families of which they care.
Supporting families to make transition easier for children helps reduce stress and anxiety within the family unit while laying the cornerstones for positive sibling relationships and positive mental wellbeing for not only the family but the unborn/baby too.

This course is suitable for Antenatal educators, Midwives, Doula’s and Health Visitors.

Tiny Toes Bumps and Babies C.I.C. is a registered CPD Provider with ‘The CPD Accreditation Group’ and a member of the ‘Association of Healthcare Trainers’.
This course is registered with ‘European Doula Network’.