CPD – Our Outlook and Assurances

As a Midwife looking for CPD opportunities I have always looked for credibility.

Credibility is important, it reassures you that the study you are doing is worthwhile. I have been to many many study days over my time as a Midwife, some of them have been more beneficial than others and some of them have come as a pleasant surprise – some have changed not only my professional outlook but my practice too!

I have travelled down to Birmingham and up to Edinburgh in the search of study days, I think sometimes you have to travel to fully appreciate the content of the day.

Back in 2018 I organised my own CPD day, sitting on the other side of the fence gave a totally alternative perspective. It became important to me that what people would get if they travelled to my study day was a relaxed and friendly environment with speakers who simply had something different to offer to the ‘usual’, something that would capture people attention.

I had speakers who focussed on:

Fathers Mental Wellbeing

Baby Loss

Pregnancy after Loss

Caring for families after a diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Pet therapy

I will add links to all these charities and businesses below for you to take a look if you wish to.

Feedback from this day was good, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere I had planned worked.

This is something which has always been important to me in work. In my parent classes both before and after the birth of baby are all relaxed, the anxieties that people feel going into new situations can be very real and it is important to me that we can combat this from the beginning.

The same therefore has to follow in any CPD courses I develop.

With the preparing pets course this does not quite follow as it is not interactive and only a short course, however, I hope that you will still find it personable.

The supporting siblings course is different though. I wrote this course in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the perfect opportunity to do so and at this time more than ever the relaxed and friendly approach was important.

You can not get away from the fact that this is a hands on course and I certainly do not want to make light of the need for study and hard work, but if it is not enjoyable then quality learning is affected. The videos were filmed in my home, I am not a robot and I don’t mind telling you that I took on average 30 takes for each video that you may watch, most often this is because of too many ‘erms’ or a child flushing the toilet – sadly that is/was lockdown life!!

I am not the worlds best essay writer, I am much happier with a variety of styles of learning and this is what I have aimed to provide within this course. Each module gives the flexibility to address the question in a way which plays to your strengths – don’t get me wrong the same amount of time and effort is required but the content can be presented in any way from video’s to essays, spider diagrams to mood boards. The hope is that you can play on your own strengths to produce the best results for you meaning the learning you will have is of the best quality for you and giving you the best tools moving forward.

Despite my outlook on CPD I am very aware that people need more, indeed I look for more in the CPD that I sign up to too, it is for this reason that I am a member of ‘The CPD Group’ as a registered CPD Provider – to become a member you have to submit many document for review to ensure that they meet the standard expected. I am pleased to say that Tiny Toes Bumps and Babies C.I.C. did meet that standard. I am also a registered member of the Association of Healthcare Trainers.

I hope that this small blog gives reassurances that the CPD courses and study days I provide are created to give the best learning experience for you as individuals!!

Information about the charities and businesses who presented at our 2018 study day:

Fathers Mental Wellbeing – Presented by Janet Ford-Davidson (RM) as an iHV Mental Health Trainer and advocate.

Baby Loss – https://4louis.co.uk/

Pregnancy after Loss – http://www.joeltcp.org/

Caring for families after a diagnosis of Down Syndrome – http://www.dsne.org.uk/

Pet therapy – http://www.nebs.org.uk/

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