Sibling Antenatal – Preparing Children for the Birth of a Baby

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This Course helps you as Antenatal Educators, Midwives and Health Visitors in supporting children in the transition into Sibling-hood in a fun, age appropriate way.
Offering insight into the benefits of sibling antenatal and preparing you to add this into your every day practice.

The term ‘family centred care’ has been used for many years in Midwifery and Women’s Service’s, however the true benefit of this is only now being seen within further research and public drive into the mental well being of not only the mother but the whole family too recognising that the experiences each family member has does not only impact on their own well being but their families (including baby) too.

Antenatal Education in the 21st Century takes many forms and is delivered by NHS trusts (UK) and private providers across the world offering their own style – this is great as it means that women and their partners are able to choose what is the best fit for them.

This does however leave a ‘sibling sized’ hole in the provision of Antenatal Education.

This course aims to bridge that gap and provide those already working in the Maternity Care Setting with the background and skills to add sibling support into their every day working with families or indeed deliver bespoke courses for children under the ‘Tiny Toes and Me – Sibling Squad’ banner.

Regardless of the route you choose to follow on completion of this course you can be assured that certification and CPD accreditation will be provided to you.

Enrolement of this course will provide you with:

* Lifetime access to the video’s and resources within the course

* CPD accredited certification on completion of your course (Printed on high quality paper and posted to your address)

* A range of activities, techniques and resources you can use in your  practice

* Access to the Sibling Squad community

* A completed portfolio of research and learning you can use as evidence in upholding your professional qualification

* Contact information to ask questions at any point of your learning journey

* The opportunity to practice Sibling Antenatal under the umbrella of Tiny Toes and Me – Sibling Squad