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There are many books out there for parents to buy which are both fun and informative with the idea that they will support a child through the transition to siblinghood.

Most of these books appear as picture books but are appropriate for different ages.

My aim is to share regular reviews with you of some of the books available.

Todays book is:

Mummy Laid An Egg by Babette Cole (Published 1st June 1995)

Mummy Laid An Egg is recommended for children between the ages of 5 and 7.

I have used this book for several years in my Sibling Antenatal Classes, however I stop at the midpoint – let me tell you why.

The story is beautifully written and illustrated and follows the attempts of parents to enlighten their children on where babies come from using examples such as ‘you find them under stones’ and ‘dinosaurs deliver them’ ending with them suggesting that mummy laid an egg on the sofa and out exploded the babies!! This takes us to the mid point of the book which is where I stop.

Turning over the page the children decide to put their parents out of their misery and tell them EXACTLY where babies come from using crayon drawings in the way that a child would create them.

Explaining that the penis enters the vagina and then there is a race to the egg for fertilisation. The book continues to be beautifully written and illustrated using child friendly language rather than scientifically accurate terminology.

I believe that the detail in which children understand the process from fertilisation to birth is a personal one within a family unit. In society we do not all have the same views and the sense of comfort in being quite so open with young children. Children as we know are incredibly inquisitive and therefore to discuss more intimate matters through a book a parent needs to feel comfortable in fielding the questions that will arise afterwards. This is the reason I stop in class mid-way.

Despite the fact this book is now (in 2020) 25 years old it is still relevant and relatable. It is not a book every family will feel comfortable in sharing with a 5-7 year old BUT for those who do it is great, I would certainly recommend it,

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